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30 April Broome, again.....

A peaceful night, no noisy birds, so we were only awake about 6.30, an hour after daybreak; a bit if a first. We duly packed up and were back on the road. Out from Derby and on to the Great Northern Highway, heading south. We were returning to Broome to prepare for our big trip into the Kimberley. We had travelled this road a couple of days ago and it hadn't changed, just a boring as before. The only difference was that a poor cow had met her end and was lying at the roadside with her feet in the air. Must have been last night as there were no scavengers on her. Its a real shame, and the reason why most people do not drive after dark.v

We made it back to the same campsite we left on Friday and were welcomed with a cheery smile from Ron. We booked our stay, including 12 days 'storage' and drove in to find our site. Lunch was the first priority and then we set up the tent and camp. Now we were all hot and sticky we headed for the pool. It was chilly, so much colder than even a few days ago, sort of welcome, but we didn't stay too long. Met a family that we had bumped into in two or three camps before. They were doing the same sort of route as us but taking 18 months over it.

Time for a sundowner!

1 May

Well there must be something in the air, Ruth managed to sleep till 9 this morning. A fine morning after a but cooler night. The temperatures are generally easing down, 32 during the day and cooling nicely in the evening and during the night. Nice breeze this morning too. We drove into town to the visitor centre to find the indigenous art galleries, there are only two. A very small one attached to a motel and the Short Street Gallery. While in town we wandered around Chinatown a bit, down Johnny Chi Lane, a lane lined with little shops and would have been the heart of the old Chinatown. There are now several pearl shops, selling pearls of all sorts, not just Australian cultured (oxymoron?) Prices a bit steep. All the buildings date from the late 1800s and would have been a hive of industry in the pearling days, but now it is tourism.

We found the Short Street Gallery, it was very small but they had a sort of warehouse further along near Town Beach in an old pearler house. Looked in at the Beach as we passed, the tide was right in and during thus period of very high tides there was very little beach to see. The old pearler house was pretty ramshackle, but had lots of artworks stacked against the walls. Their collection was from all over Australia. Most of the artworks were too big for us but anyway nothing really grabbed us, so back to the camp for lunch.

Lunch, rest, then into the pool, still chilly water (relatively speaking) for a bit of a swim. Quite a few children in the pool, why aren't they at school? We just relaxed, started to sort out kit for the trip and then it was sundowner time. Where had the day gone? After dinner we drove into town to use the post office wifi to catch up on whatsapp. On our return, there was a very noisy group of young French nearby who seemed to think they could party all night. Ruth put them right. Oddly, there had been another similar group the previous night, someone must have complained to the owner, Ron, and he had them evicted, without refund of their fees. When Ruth told the current group this they went very quiet and stayed that way. Good.

2 May

A lazy start to the day before heading into town to get post our proxy vote forms so we could have a vote in the forthcoming general election in the UK; the ladies in the camp office had printed them off for us. Whilst at the post office we took advantage of their free wifi to check emails. Then on to BWS to buy some wine for our trip. Back to the campsite to go through everything to find Ruth's dress. No luck, she must have left it somewhere, shame as it was very pretty and really suited her; rainbow stripes! Into the pool to cool down before lunch.

Packed our new bags (they gave us holdalls for the trip with the warning that the weight limit was 15kg) ready for the trip and just relaxed ahead of meeting up with Leone, (who we had met with Alyson in Carnarvon) for sundowner drinks at the Sunset Bar on Cable Beach. We walked round to the beach, took about 10/15 minutes, found a table and waited. She arrived a few minutes later with sister and husband plus a friend. We had a great evening, had food and a few drinks. Saw the camels return from their sunset walk along the beach and the bats overhead. On the way back to the campsite we heard the barking owls. Campsite and bed. Early start tomorrow.

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