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Bergen's most famous row of buildings built around 1710

Our ship docked in Bergen - on the left is an oil...

Housing is built anywhere they find almost level land

Incline RR

Bob on Fjord cruise - it's windy

in the fjord


This cabin has electric and maybe highway access

Small town far up the fjord, pop. 348

Fjord once blocked by gravel bar here - washed out by BIG...

Bergen is a much larger port than Haugesund and was a German submarine base during WW II. We leave the ship here early in the morning. The ocean voyage is over. I'm sad, our favorite bartender is sad and I'm sure many others were too. The food was excellent and the portions were reasonably small. I now know what it would be like to be a king. We were treated extremely well and with more than one crew member for every two passengers one can easily understand why. We are staying two days in Bergen at a hotel in a building built in the early 1700's. The inside was quite modern and the room very comfortable. The city is charming and almost everyone we encountered spoke good English. We discovered the TV programs are in english with Norwegian sub-titles. This may have something to do with the language skills of the residents. The hotel rates and the clothing prices were reasonable but the food, Oh My! A Big Mac meal was close to $12US and I paid $6.50 for sweet potato fries that I thought were included with the. $17.50 cheeseburger. The food was very good. The first day we hired a local guide. She was excellent and mixed local flavor with the history of the city which goes back more than 1200 years. I believe she said the main church was more than 1000 years old. After the tour we caught the incline RR to the top of a small mountain. The RR rises 302 meters (@980 feet) in a distance of 847 meters, pretty steep. The view at the top was great and the steep hillsides deflected the wind. With the strong sun (the first in over a month) it felt quite warm even though the air temperature was in the low 60's. Many young Norwegians were sunbathing up there.It was Sunday and Monday was a National Holiday so the crowds were huge. The next day we had booked a cruise to a large fjord north of Bergen. It was a chilly ride for those on the top deck with very nice scenery. There is little flat land in this part of Norway so you find houses stacked up the side of every hill, something to see, especially for a flatlander like me. It's no wonder the Norwegians are so fit. It seemed like the expressway to the airport was one third tunnel, though I doubt it was.

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