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Inside the Submersible


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More Fish

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A Little Bit of Georgetown

We have had an adventurous day. I was up early and went down to the devotion time and had breakfast. Christine got up at her usual time and had breakfast left over from yesterday. I came to the room and we got our things together for the out trip. We went down to the appointed place and were soon on our way to the tender. These were hired boats and not the ship's lifeboats as we have usually experienced.

We went right onto the boat and it only took a few minutes to cross the bay and unload onto the dock. Then the waiting started. We knew we were early, but when the time came, we were advised that there had been a mix-up in the time for the bus to arrive, however it did some shortly after the co-ordinator told us it would be at least 15 minutes before it came.

We boarded the bus and our first stop was the underwater trip. This was on a semisubmersible boat that held probably 80 people. Once loaded we headed out and crossed over two shipwrecks and saw a lot of different fish. The boat's captain went down and fed the fish as they swam alongside the boat. It was very interesting, but we were disappointed that the water was not as clear as we expected. Apparently a storm had stirred up the seabed and made the water less clear than usual. It was interesting that the captain was a Canadian from Edmonton and the guide was from Jamaica, where we once lived. Further to that tonight Christine's purchase was wrapped by a Scotsman from Glasgow, where I was born! Such a small world!

We reboarded the bus and saw one end of the Seven Mile Beach. We saw the governor's residence and the Island's oldest house. We continued on to a place called "Hell" where it is possible to get a postcard stamped appropriately. There were chickens at the back kicking up earth to allow the chicks to feed.

We stopped at a rum tasting place and discovered a counter selling patties. This was a speciality in Jamaica when we lived there and they also sold ginger beer, which is much stronger than that available in Canada. It was good to be reminded of times past and we both enjoyed these treats which we had not tasted for many years.

The final stop was the turtle farm were we saw turtles in various stages of development as well as a few iguanas. I held one and Christine got a photo of me with it. We had free time to wander round and browse the gift ship. We were not tempted to purchase anything.

We saw the other end of the 7 mile beach, which apparently is only 5.5 miles long. We then headed for the ship via a short tour of the capital, George Town where we were surprised to find puddles where it had obviously rained very heavily, but was then dry, as had all our trip. We had hoped to be able to have a look around the town, but with the delay in the bus starting out and the tour taking a little longer than advertised, we had to get on board as soon as we returned.

We drooped our things in the room and went up to the buffet to get some lunch. On returning to our room, Christine went out to the veranda to read and I did some of my laundry. We sorted out some of the photos and then got ready for dinner. We sat with different people tonight and got to know some we had only met in passing.

After dinner we had a walk round and Christine acquired a turtle charm to put on her Pandora bracelet. We returned to the room to update the journal and get to bed.

Tomorrow we stop in Roatan Island in Honduras and hope to see Monkeys and some birds.

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