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It seems that we seldom sleep well on the night before a travel day. I don’t like to begin the day feeling tired but sometimes that is the case until after I have my morning coffee.

Marilyn prepares the inside of the RV for travel while I do the outdoor stuff.

We shared a pot of freshly brewed coffee just as we normally do and then we started getting busy. I was ready outdoors about the same time Marilyn had completed her chores indoors and I told her that she could bring the slides in when she was ready. That’s when the fun began.

I had purchased a container of hydraulic fluid (Actually they use automatic transmission fluid in the hydraulic system) because the amount of fluid in the reservoir was getting pretty low after six years of use, but they suggest that you add the fluid when the slides are all in and the jacks are retracted.

The slides refused to move when Marilyn pushed the buttons, so I decided to add a small amount of fluid and then add the remainder once the slides were in. The problem was that we couldn’t find the hydraulic fluid. I told Marilyn that I had placed it near the door but she had not seen it and my search in other likely places was no help.

By this time our friends, Mike & Marian had walked over to say “So Long” and share hugs with wishes for safe travel. When I explained the situation, Mike said “Oh, I have some” referring to the hydraulic fluid. I asked if it was “Dextron III” and he said yes, so we were saved.

As soon as we added some fluid to the reservoir, everything worked normally. And we were soon ready to go.

We pulled out of Buckhorn RV Resort in Kerrville at 8:20 and were on the road again on a beautiful day. The roads were quite good, traffic was light, and everything went perfect. That may have been the most “stress free” travel day ever.

The GPS gave us perfect guidance and we arrived at Fort Griffin State Park right at 12:42 just as the GPS had predicted when we left Kerrville. We even made a quick stop for fuel at the junction of Hwy 283 and I-20.

At the State Park we backed in to one of the few long sites (#25) and drove off to register at the Park Headquarters.

I must warn you that there is no phone service here, no TV reception, and no Wi-Fi.

It was wonderful, peaceful and quiet. Marilyn & I read our books, snacked, and I even took a nap. In the evening we watched a DVD movie we had not seen before, and went off to bed about 9:30. It was a very nice day and Life is Good!

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