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We woke up to a lovely sunny morning and it is now time to bid adieu to the Magnolia. It was with heavy hearts we said goodbye to Nicolas, Maggie, their daughter Mila, the staff, and Gypsy, the dog, after we enjoyed our last breakfast of primarily french bread and pastries. They don't make them like this in the US. Nicolas took us to the Part Dieu train station in Lyon where we caught the express train to Gare Lyon in Paris. The train arrived at 12:07 and by 12:17 we were in a taxi headed to Charles de Gaulle (CDG). Everything was going very smoothly until our taxi driver asked us which terminal. Evidently CDG is the only airport that we've seen that does not have the airlines listed by terminal as you arrive. We were stumped and Judi couldn't find anything on our tickets. So our taxi driver insisted at dropping us off at Terminal 2E. There are 6 terminals at Terminal 2 (A-F) in additon to Terminals 1 and 3. Of course, we eventually found out Air Berlin was at Terminal 3. We found the airport shuttle train at the end of Terminal 2 that took us to Terminal 3 by way of long-term parking. We ended up in a big train station terminal and found we had to walk across the street and through a bridge. We finally made it about 2:00 to Terminal 3 to find out that our 3:00 plane was delayed an hour. Actually that wasn't entirely bad news because now we would have a chance to have some lunch. So around 4 p.m. we boarded an Alitalia airplane and I kept asking "this plane is going to Berlin, right?" We did get to Berlin around 6 p.m. and back into another taxi. We had an easy taxi ride with a delightful driver who gave us some suggestions and tips for our stay in Berlin. Judi had instructions to get our apartment key from a lock box but we couldn't get the front door to open. It took us a while to realize that it was because the door was so heavy it took 2 of us to open it. We are on the 3rd floor again, but this time we have an elevator. It is a lovely apartment in the only building in the neighborhood that survived intact during WWII. The walls, floors, and doors are original but the rest of the apartment is renovated and very modern with 12 foot ceilings--very nice. The owner lives next door and he came soon after we arrived, took us through the apartment, gave some recommendations and marked up a map for us, and gave us a bottle of wine. While on our way to the market for provisions, we passed a Mexican restaurant and, since it was Friday, we headed back there after we took our groceries back to the apartment. Judi had a chicken enchilada, Kay had a chicken quesedilla, and I had a vegetable quesedilla. They were all suprisingly good. By now, it was time to head back to the apartment and hit the sack so we'd be ready to start the last leg of our journey -- JB

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