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Dali Museum


A return visit to Barcelona! We travelled outside the city to the town of Figueres, where we toured the Dali museum. Dali designed it to be a pice of art in its own right. He lived in It for the last 5 years of his life. It truly was a journey into the surreal imagination of an artistic genius. His wife and muse, Gala, inspired him to these heights. Many of his pieces were layered with art within art that required close inspection. Symbolism weaved its way thoughout his work, often contrasting life and death. He was also a pioneer in using pixel computer art. One picture morphed from a woman when viewed closeup to Lincoln when viewed from a distance.

We travelled on, and strolled the streets of Girona, about 20 minutes away. The Old town was founded in Roman times with many of the walls of the town still standing from that period. Of course, we explored a magnificent cathedral that had elements of the original Roman temple as well as the newer (14 - 16th century) Gothic and Barogue architecture. Next was the remains of the Jewish Quarter and its Jewish Museum. It was sad learning about the Jewish people who lived in Girona. In 1300s there were about 1500 families living in Girona, and they had their own synagogue, which was moved twice as the Jews were placed into a ghetto setting. By the time of the Inquisition, there were only 100 families living in Girona. Now there are just a few Jewish families living in the Girona area.

All in all, a good day.

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