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May 4, Thursday

The morning began with the usual wonderful breakfast and at 9am we started off to Dijon--truffle hunting along the way. While the boat moved to the lock on the canal where we were to meet Maggie for our truffle search, Judi C, Cindy, and I walked along the canal. The colors are so wonderful --all shades of green with bright yellow fields of canola and the lilacs

Our drive to the truffle farm was through much of the wonderful wine country we saw yesterday--but high up on the top of the hills. We met Thierry who gave us an explanation of the 4 kinds of truffles, black with white inside, black with brown inside--both found in France; black with black inside--found in Italy and southern France, and one that is all white is only found in Italy. He also described how truffles grow. The spores from an underground decayed mushroom attach themselves to the roots of a tree(not a fruit tree)and grow upward in the soil. The burgundy black with white inside is found in the summer, and the other burgundy truffle is found in fall and winter.

We then had an opportunity we hunt truffles with an enchanting dog named Elf. She loved the truffles too and snapped them up while her handler worked to get her to find them for us, which she did with his encouragement We followed our hunt with a tasty lunch--everything from the aperitif to the ice cream desert had truffle included in the ingredients.

We returned to the barge and floated downstream to our final stop in the city of Dijon Our evening was spent in the most wonderful way. We started with a cocktail with the crew followed by an amazing dinner as the Captain's guests. It started with an appetizer that had three different foisgrau. The main course was Beef Bourgeon, a speciality of the region, all accompanied by wine appropriate for the course Then cheese and cherry tiramisu. Final glass of sparkling wine with the crew ended a truly memorable evening. KC

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