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Clouds over Rome...still warm, no rain

Lots of old, old, old buildings...

Catacombe di Priscilla

The door of our apartment in Rome

The building that impersonates the Supreme Court building

If I were titling this entry it might not be permissible due to language used...but we still had a great time and Peggy and I gave our Fit Bits a great workout...not to mention our poor legs and feet! We did over 28,000 steps and saw many sites several times...Yes, we walked in circles or perhaps better said, we walked in large rectangles.

We went to the Catacombs and did well getting there but had a heck of a time coming home. And for those who know her, you will understand the import when I say that we got to a point where Peggy agreed to a taxi! We were soooo lost and it's all the fault of this one particular building that looks exactly like another one in our neighborhood - white marble, flying horses, statues of guys in armor - only one is the court building in our neighborhood and the other is not! We were exhausted, but it was still fun. ~ Lorraine

So much for my fabled sense of direction. When we started the day to go to the Catacombe of Priscilla, I knew it would be a four mile walk but I was ok with that. However, I NEVER count on getting lost. Even with taking a bus part way back, we did more that 11 miles. It is all the fault of a building that kept moving around. However, sometimes seeing the same sites over and over helps the memory. Peggy

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