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Alona beach


After my complete breakdown 2 days ago,I have to say I'm a bit better. Bohol is a really nice place and it has a lot to offer. Yesterday we rented a motorbike for 500 pesos (£1= 64.71philippine pesos) and just went around the island. We visited the tarsier sanctuary first. Tarsiers are the smallest primates in the world and they are extremely cute. They can stress themselves out so easily, they commit suicide. So for example if we would have go around talking loud or shouting,it stresses them out, putting them in the cage,stresses them out, not having enough place to walk about....same thing. They either hold their breath or keep hitting their head to a tree until they die. So when we arrived, we got a guide who showed them where they are and we could take some pictures. We found about 4 of them. Every morning the guides walk around and find them so they can show them to the tourists. It's a pretty hard job... tarsiers are nocturnal animals,they sleep during the day,except when we don't let them. During the night they are very active and they jump from tree to tree. They have huge eyes but as they can turn their head to 180 degree but they can not move their eyes. It was a very nice experience. There are 2 sanctuaries in Bohol,we visited both. The first one is in Corolla which is a very nice one with guides,the second one is in Lombok and that was terrible. People can walk around,they are very loud and really annoying. I didn't like that and I felt very sorry for the little animals, our second trip was to the chocolate hills. On the way we also saw the man made forest which has thousands of mahogany trees. It looks very nice,it's a huge forest. The chocolate hills are the simbol of Bohol after the cute tarsiers. It's basically a natural geological formation. They are small hills all look the same. The name came from their colour during falls when it gets brown. Otherwise it's normally green with lots of vegetation on. You can't walk up to the hills but they built a platform where you can see them from and also take pictures. Bohol is very nice and Philippines are very very nice. They only have been nice with us so far and almost everyone speaks some sort of English which makes life easier ☺️ In the evening we met Rich as he stays about half an hour from us. We had a bit more than a few drinks,it was a fun evening.

Today we went to the harbour to try to buy ferry tickets to Siquijor which is an island about 1-1.5 hour away from here. Unfortunately the ferry which left today at 8pm has been fully booked so we could only book the tickets for tomorrow morning. As we had no other plans,we went around beaches and also checked the famous Alona beach. Honestly,I don't know what people see in that area but it isn't anything special. I've see so much more nicer beaches..,but as we walked along guess who we saw beating completely flat out on the sand like a big brown whale? Rich of course. I went around and poured water on his back. Let me tell you,he wasn't impressed but when he saw us,he calmed down 𯘁 We stayed and had a chat and agreed to have dinner today again. After the long chat,we went to do some shopping and now we are ready for dinner.

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