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I suspect that only a parent who has lost a child would understand completely. At first it seems the pain will never ease and it totally dominates your every thought. I remember someone saying once that we cried because there was nothing else we could do. And then one day we stopped crying because there was nothing else we could do.

Slowly, over a long period of time, the pain eased, and life returned, but it was never “normal” again. Behind our smiles lies a sadness which never goes away.

I still remember the first time I heard Marilyn singing again, some 6 years after Kelly was killed. Life gets better, smiles and even laughter returns. Joy comes back into your life as friends and family share love and hugs and good times.

Faith in a loving God helps you use the tragedy to help other people and in so doing, some healing takes place.

Gradually but inexorably, the joy in life becomes a reality once again.

Memories bring smiles as often as they bring tears. That’s another sign of healing in your heart.

Wounds heal but the scar remains, and there are always certain dates which bring that aching sadness to the surface.

One thing is certain…. Love never dies. Dreams at night sometimes bring an image and once or twice, even a short conversation and once a hug which seems so real it wakes you from the sleep. That is when you try so hard to go back to sleep in the futile hope that you could return to the dream.

So dear readers, that’s just some of my thoughts on this day. Kelly is forever 25 years old and we remember the love and the joy she brought into our lives.

Our daughter, Jennifer, and our grandchildren have filled our heart with love, but we have that one tiny space in there which is packed with memories of Kelly.

It is because of Jennifer, Steve, and those great grandchildren, Colby and Lauren, that we are assured Life is Good!

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