Our space #72

Our space #72

Keystone RV Park, looking down the street at the office.

Dave and his childhood friend friend Louie, known as "uncle Louie" to...

The cheer and support group for Kent and we wait for him...

There he is, crossing the finish line.

Kent greets his wife Gina at the finish line.

Proud Dad stands by to support his son, Kent.

Kent checks his time and score for the race to find out...

That he finished 3rd in his age group and 19th over all...

Kent is on the left, 3rd place.

Dave's new travel journal blog updating station, up front passenger seat

Leaving Fernley on such a fine day for great weather and having spent a great time with brother and sister leaves us with warm hearts and smiles. On our way, Dave noted Dudley has taken us 2,000 miles already AND this is his tenth overnight stop for us. All this in the nearly 3 months we've had him. "There'll not be any grass growing under our feet!!!"

Our coming to Reno is simple, visit kids and grandkids. Our stay here is for 1 month, possibly an extra 4 to 7 days. We'll be getting as much time with them as we can before hitting the northbound roads again. Even at this early date we have Dr.visits, attorney visits, birthdays to attend, county park clean up to do, games to attend and have already cheered on our son Kent as he finished his first marathon race. And so, as you see we'll be busy enough this month. This accomplishment isn't new for Kent he's constantly setting and achieving goals. Other things he's done include: walked the Tahoe Rim Trail, walked most of the Pacific Crest Trail he can get to within a weekend, he's a team member of a team that does the 178 mile Reno Tahoe Odyssey relay race.

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