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We left the windows open when we went off to bed last night and a cold front wandered through during the night. Cool temperatures with wind which reminded us of the Rio Grande Valley.

Marilyn woke up during the night and closed the window beside her head, and then climbed out of bed long enough to turn off the fan blowing on us.

At this point in writing this journal entry, Marian knocked on the door and invited us to join her & Mike on their patio for a Happy Hour. We grabbed a couple of lawn chairs and a cold drink each and walked across the street to join our friends.

As we sat together visiting, we noticed a large wrecker pulling in to the RV Park. He had a truck on the bed of the wrecker and was towing a fifth wheel RV. They parked the RV on the site beside Mike & Marian and then hauled the truck away for some repair. We all felt bad for the couple with the truck problem because we have all been there, although not to that same degree.

The cold wind finally overcame the heat of the bright shining sunshine and our happy little band broke up and headed for home.

We ate let-overs from our lunch at Mamacita’s Mexican Restaurant for dinner and then settled in to watch some TV. After enjoying a great lunch today, we stopped at Gibson’s Hardware store. I purchased a new anode rod for the water heater in our RV at a cost 0f $12.99 which was a pretty good deal.

Mike found a hat which appears to be a visor with a large shock of black hair sticking out the top. Alas, Marian insisted he put it back where he found it. Then she found a broom she needed and I noticed the label which said in large red letters “Quickie”. I then teased our friends about that, but I will leave my suggestions to your imagination.

It has been a fine day with good friends and we are content because Life is Good!

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