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The Marr Ranch circa 1880 - our home last week

A wild horse herd. We must have seen a half dozen herds.

Someone's getting bawled out

A wild stallion

I thought that was the whitest, most incredible little foal! So white,...

I just love this photo. That old ranch house was in sad...

The sun is melting the record snowfalls.

For those who complained about I-80 over's a new smoother surface

The Biggest Little City in the World

Nice park at Sparks Marina

It's been a while - two years, three months to be pretty exact, since I've been on the open road with my HitchHiker. My brief reunion with the gang at the B&B REWIND in Vacaville April 2016 can't really count. It was too close to home.

And before I begin writing about my current travels (I'm already behind myself) I just must post a few pictures of the incredible adventure I had just last week.

I had spent much of the 1990s pretending I was a cowboy. I met new friends and enjoyed adventures that, to me, were unmatched. We lived in an old ranch house with no electricity and an outhouse for a week. Had to bathe in a creek. We enjoyed four horse drives...driving 40-60 head 15 +/- miles a day to new destinations. Much of the time at a gallop. We drove cattle from Nevada to California - in a hail storm! We stayed in a beautiful old stone house on two occasions and just rode our horses on day rides, exploring whatever direction that pulled us that day. We participated in exciting 'dudeos'. It was a magical decade for me and by a quirk of fate, too long to tell in this journal, three of those couples from our cowboy days and I were able to spend last week in that old stone house, aka The Marr Ranch. Thus, I've included a few pictures from that recent visit.

My other pics start at the top of Donner and drop into Reno where I spent two nights. No, no gambling, just getting accustomed to RVing again, but best of all, getting together with three dear friends. Gail and Kathie's mother went to jr. high, high school, and Cal with my mother, so I've literally known them for life. Gail lost her Bill five years ago and there was certainly a void in our get-together. I adored him. And I've known Kathie's Dave for nearly as long. (Yeah, I adore him too.) We went to jr. high together also, but did not really know each other. Then Dave and I worked at a family camp together (where he met and fell in love with Kathie) when in college. All are retired now, but I swear we are sooo much younger looking than the geezers in the pictures I pulled up on my computer from our most recent high school reunion. (Kathie and I were in the same class in high school!) Without a doubt, Gail, Kathie and Dave looked just like they did from, gosh, way back. We had a great visit and lots of laughs. I had my camera sitting right there in front of us and I had made a good coleslaw to serve with dinner. Forgot both.

Today...well, I'll try to catch up with that tomorrow! Glad to have y'all onboard with me.

P.S. There are some of you who were followers of my original Big Trip to the contiguous 48 states who do not know me. If you would no longer like to receive this journal in your mailbox just say the word. (Even if you know me LOL) (I think there's a place to click to discontinue.)

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