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Last dinner in Indonesia

They were both mine

Our bungalow in Lombok

And the beach in Lombok

And here we final destination,the Philippines. In the last few days I didn't think to write cos we basically travelled. From Maumere,we flew to Lombok,from Lombok to here via Kuala Lumpur and Manila. One tip for you...Rich had a hard time in Kuala Lumpur cos it turns out that the Philippines need a ticket out from the country,otherwise they won't let you in. So we had an hour to book something. First we thought we get a cheap ferry but there is no such a thing so in the end he bought a flight ticket back to Indonesia and they let him through. We arrived today morning after a 24 hours trip. And this is where we had to say goodbye from each other. I have someone else joining me for the last week here and Rich goes on his own little adventure which hopefully ends up in Australia from the 1st July. It is hard... I'm still a bit down. It was 3 months together and even though we both knew it will end, it is strange not to have him around. He is no more than a friend. But he is one of the best I can have. I'm sure I'll be fine and I have a great and fun time with my new companion. I'm probably also down a bit cos it's my last week before I go back to 'normal'. This trip has been full of adventures, lots of ups and some downs, few little hikkups and worries but all in all,best time ever. Would I compare it with South America? No...they are 2 very different league so I won't bother. I loved them both in their own way but this trip definitely went quicker. It's almost like it was yesterday when I got on the plane not knowing what lies ahead and here we are..almost over. I'm sure I'll be back!☺️ Let's rock with the last week in the Philippines.☺️

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