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After breakfast we started cruising to our next destination. It had rained during the night but stopped by the time we finished breakfast. A little later the sun came out so we got off the barge at the next lock and were able to walk for a while. Unfortunately by the time we walked to the next lock it had started sprinkling so we jumped back on the barge and continued with our rainy day activities--reading, blogging, trying to connect to the wifi, and working on the jigsaw puzzle we started on yesterday. Today is May 1 and it is the Labor Day holiday in France. Maggie's plan for us today was to visit the Hotel Dieu in Beaune and she was disappointed that we had already done that. So her Plan B was to tour the Edmond Fallot Moutarde Factory there if it was open due to the holiday where they had been making mustard since 1840. They were open and we were lucky enough to get a bilingual tour guide who did the tour in both French and English. We all found it interesting and we finished off with a mustard tasting. These mustards taste a little different from what we've had in the US and had quite a kick to them. While they make three different types of Dijon mustard--original, whole grain, and bourgogne, there are several different flavors. The one we found most interesting was gingerbread. Sample packs were handed out at the end of the tour plus there were some purchases made in their boutique. We also visited a very nice shop where Maggie had purchased the Magnolia's beautiful guest book--a kitchen, wine accessories, and book store. Cindy had admired it and wanted one for her Maui rental and Kay was looking for a new book. There were some really beautiful things in the store but alas most would not fit in the luggage or survive the trip home. Still some purchases were made and it was back to the barge. On the way back Maggie drove us thru the chateau where we had dinner reservations--Abbaye de la Bussiere. Established in 1311 by the Cistercian monks it was purchased by the Cummings family from London in 2005 in a state of disrepair and renovated into a premier country house hotel with a 1-star Michelin restaurant. We made it back just in time as the heavens opened up. It really poured, the wind was blowing and we even had some hail. So we spent the rest of the afternoon playing 65 until it was time for dinner. Maggie and Nikola arranged for us to have a tour of the place before dinner and we had a chat with the owner. The place was stunning and we had a lovely window table overlooking the grounds. Dinner was an experience--a pre-starter of ham, salami, and shrimp and quinoa in a tomato sauce; starters of white asparagus with a divine sauce for all; trout (Judi C and Kay), charolais beef (Cindy), and lamb (me) for our entree; a cheese plate for Kay; a pre-dessert of something like rice pudding with a currant sauce for the rest of us; and a rhubarb/blackberry bread pudding for Judi C and molleux (chocolate lava cake) with vanilla ice cream for Cindy & I. We found it interesting that the dinner was very reasonable but the wine was expensive. It was a great meal and a lovely evening and we ended the night with night caps and finishing our game of 65. Another great day--JB

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