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As we arrived in Seville it is not only a holiday, their Labor Day , but it is also Feria, the 10 day festival. So it is crowded but very interesting. The women dress in their flamenco dresses, the men in their finest and the stroll to the festival grounds or ride in horse or donkey carriages.

In 1928 the World's Fair was to be held in Seville hosted by Espana and the Americas. While it was not well attended due to the economic conditions of that year, many beautiful permanent buildings were built and remain.

We were able to see and visit the Plaza de Americas, Plaza de Espana, and many countries structures that are today their embassies; Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, etc. We also visited the Seville Cathedral with the Giralda Tower., a former minaret converted to a bell tower. The Cathedral, called this instead of the official name because it is so long ( the Metropolitan Seville Cathedral de Santa Maria de la Sede) is the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world and the 3rd largest Cathedral in the world. The site was originally a mosque but when Christians ruled they tore it down for the Cathedral and converted the mosque minaret to the bell tower.

It also houses the tomb of Christopher Columbus. He died in 1506 and was buried in Valladolia, Spain. In 1542 his son Diego decided to move the tomb to Santo Dominigo, Hispaniola (now the Domincan Republic). In 1795 Spain ceded Hispaniola to France and his remains were sent to Havana, Cuba. In 1898 following Cuba's independence it was decided to move the tomb back to Seville and it was placed in the Cathedral. Controversy still continues over the true final resting place because Years later during some restoration work a Dominican Republic worker found a box that said it contained the bones of Don Colon (Christopher Columbus). DNA testing has been done on the bones in Seville and they are those of Columbus but Dominican Republic refused to have their bones tested.

Because we were not able to see the Alahambra in Granada due to failure of the travel company to get tickets we visited the Alcazar here in Seville. It is one of the other palaces and beautiful gardens.

For dinner we had what they call a Be My Guest Experience at a local olive mill. They demonstrated process and explained how to distinguish extra from just virgin oil. Interesting but we had seen it before in Italy. The dinner was very good, done by the family that owns the olive farm. The best was almond ice cream with just a small drizzle on orange infused olive oil. Fantastic!

After that we did the very touristy thing of attending a flamenco show. It was located next to the Bullring where the fight had just finished. This little boy was imitating the toreador; he was very dramatic and cute.

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