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a sun break

inside Baron de l'ecluse

our menu for dinner

It’s Tuesday and we only have 3 days left until we disembark. We began the day early leaving with Magali for the open air market to shop with Isabelle, our chef, for ingredients for todays lunch and tomorrows dinner. We selected Monkfish, scallops and scampi for lunch and Charolais beef for tomorrows dinner. After visiting 3 fish stalls, a cheese stall and a beef stall, we were finished at the market but not before having fun watch Isabelle interact with the merchants as she negotiated which pieces she wanted. She also was having fun telling the beef merchant she didn’t need his recipe for Beef Bourgogne since she used the traditional recipe.

After the market, we headed off with Magali to visit several sites in Dijon. The first was Notre Dame where she told us about the 51 Gargolyes which are placed in rows above the entrance. They were placed there to ward off the devil. We entered when a Mass was in session and after it ended, she explained the history of the cathedral and the importance of Virgin Mary to this cathedral and Dijon. Virgin Mary is credited for many positive things which have happened to Dijon. After Notre Dame, we went to the Mason Milliere where she explained the history of the cat and owl on the roof. Guilliaume and his wife Guillaumette lived centuries ago. Guillaume used to stay out late and so Guillaumette had the Owl placed on the roof to watch out for him when he came home. Later, Guillaume had the cat placed on the roof to scare off the owl. We then went to the courtyard where she explained the Dukes of Dijon and their role in the history of the city. At this point, we decided to head back to the barge since it had been continuously raining and we were a bit cold.

Back on the barge we warmed ourselves with a beverage and began to resume constructing a puzzle, writing blogs and eating appetizers. Our lunch consisted of delicious cooked Lotte ( Monkfish), scallops and shrimp with broccoli and spinach. We are getting so much food, it’s a bit overwhelming.

After lunch we hopped off the barge and walked alongside on the canal bike path for 1-3 miles. It’s lovely since the barge sails at a leisurely pace and the rain had let up so we could enjoy the crisp air. Once back aboard we only had about 2 more locks to go before we docked for the evening. We had to pass another hotel barge in a relatively narrow canal but considering how narrow the locks are, it was a breeze for Captain Nicolai.

Before we headed out to dinner, we had a surprise musical performance. Here is a brief video of one song the Duo Verse performed for us. ( insert link here )

Dinner was at a lovely, small restaurant next to the canal called Baron de l’ecluse. It was set in a petite building with 3 tables and country chic decor. The owners, Doris and Urs, made us feel very welcome as we were their first guests of the season. They are open May to September and are in a very remote location which made us wonder how people found them. Turns out they have had guests from all over the world. Our meal consisted of a goat cheese appetizer with a very small bowl of soup, followed by an entree of perfectly cooked fresh fish, white asparagus and red rice. This was topped off with a small compote of fresh apples and rhubarb along with a slice of chocolate cake and ice cream. Delicious!

We walked back to the barge afterwards and worked on the puzzle then turned in after another wonderful day on the canal.

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