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It was around 5:00 when I climbed out of bed and turned on the fireplace and the furnace. We had gone to sleep last night with several windows open and the bedroom fan running. The temperature during the night dropped to near 41 degrees so it was a bit brisk in here this morning.

With the windows closed, the fan turned off, and the fireplace on, it took only one cycle of the furnace to make it nice and cozy.

I started a fresh pot of coffee brewing and Marilyn joined me in the living room.

We really enjoy the weather here in the Hill Country of Texas as well as the relaxation of the “no agenda” routine.

Once our coffee was finished off, Marilyn & I worked together to fry some bacon and made pancakes for breakfast. We added vanilla to the batter and topped the pancakes with some real maple syrup to make them perfect.

With breakfast out of the way, we completed our chores and then took showers and dressed for the day.

I went outdoors and worked until I had fixed the slow water leak where the city water connects to the RV. Next thing was to disconnect the car and drive off to the “Acapulco Mexican Restaurant” where we enjoyed some fine, tasty, food for lunch.

Back at the RV we sat outdoors for a while, reading and talking with a cold drink nearby.

After two fairly robust meals, Marilyn fixed popcorn for our dinner and we sat down to watch “Dancing with the Stars”.

We’ve enjoyed a wonderful day and look forward to a visit from a long-time friend tomorrow.

Life is Good!

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