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Campground at Big Meadows

Display on Development of Blue Ridge Parkway

Coming out of restaurant

Front Royal from Shenandoah Natl Park

Another View of Front Royal

Today’s drive was just as spectacular as yesterday’s and even slower because the speed limit was 35 mph all the way. We spotted another park visitor center, and this one also had a restaurant, so we decided to have the dinner we missed yesterday evening for lunch. Turned out to be an upscale sort of place and we had a really interesting dish of fried sweet potatoes topped with pulled pork. Not fare I’d want every day, but different and quite good.

We made it to Front Royal, Virginia, in the afternoon and decided on a commercial campsite because we had laundry to do and wanted full hookups so we could have showers with plenty of water. It had both of those things (and we now have clean clothing again), but very little else to recommend it, so we left shortly after breakfast.

Stopped for lunch at what was supposed to be a vegetarian restaurant (and they did serve lots of veggie dishes). But they also had a ½ pound beef burger with a special dressing (sort of an aioli) and rolls they made on site. We split that and also split a grilled vegetable salad (squash, eggplant, peppers, mushrooms, onions, and lots of spinach), both of which were great.

While we were leaving the restaurant, we met a couple coming in who had all sorts of questions about our RV. They turned out to be really interesting and likeable people and we talked for close to half an hour and ended up with invitations to visit both their home and ours. I do hope we can keep in touch!

Tonight we are at another state park, and this one is as beautiful as the others we have found. Since we STILL have no internet connection, we’re planning to go to a Verizon store here in Front Royal tomorrow and see if they can help us get back online. I had ordered only 2 Gb of data loaded to our Verizon MIFI before we left home (didn’t have any idea how long that would last, but it only lasted a week), and so called Verizon and asked for an additional 5 Gb of data. The tech we were talking with sounded very much as though he were Indian, but I could understand him and he seemed to know exactly what we wanted and how we could get it. However, he said he had no way to accept payment and we would have to do that online. We would need the “phone number” assigned to our MIFI and the 4 digit pin number in order to sign in. However, when I went to sign in, they also wanted a password and I didn’t have a clue as to what that might be. So I called Verizon again. Got another tech in India, but I could not understand this one at all. I finally got so frustrated I just said, “I can’t understand you, let’s just forget the whole thing.” Apparently he took me at my word because every time I have tried to call in again, I got a message saying they could not connect me. I think I’m black-listed!

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