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Bonsai by Dori

Bonsai by Dori, Cottondale, Fl

Rest stop near Pensacola

It was a leisurely start to Day 2 of our great adventure. We had discussed and agreed before leaving home that given the scope of this trip checking the weather and road conditions each day before starting out would be prudent. Today's weather channel made the days prospects seem a little grim. Our goal became to get to Mobile before the next line of storms.

Despite the quasi urgency of making good travel time, we did make two detours.

An aside here, all my life I've wanted to just go with the flow while traveling. I remember vividly one beach trip when I was about 10, when I saw a sign for Jamestown. I begged my Dad to take the road, so I could see where the first settlers had landed. He would not. After a week at Nags Head, I began lobbying for the detour through Jamestown on the way home. We drove past the road with my Dad's jaw set and both hands gripping the steering wheel. Additional Aside: who refuses to take a 10 year old to a historical site, however staged when they're begging you? I can't blame just him though, most everyone I've traveled with has traveled the same way. And to be completely honest, it's what I do when I'm alone as well.

So today was a breakthrough for me. I saw a very attractive billboard for Bonsai By Dori as featured in Southern Living. I've been intrigued by bonsai since my first trip to the Pearl City Tavern in 1977 and Southern Living? Well where are you going to find a finer recommendation? So after two more enticing bill boards I took the exit towards Cottondale, Fl. The bonsai were amazing! I didn't even take photos of the best ones as I fully intend to stop on the return trip and spend much more time there.

The weather was still holding when we got to Pensacola so we took another detour down to the Gulf Islands National Seashore. We can check another National Seashore off the list and we got a little exercise checking out the shoreline but we did not get to see the visitor's center. They're closed on Sunday (maybe Saturday too) budget cuts already?

We got to the hotel a full 30 minutes ahead of the downpours and lightening.

Miles Today: 243 Mileage To Date: 523

Accomplishment for the Day: Breaking free of the plan

Goal for Tomorrow: Lake Charles, La and my first Airb&b experience

"Because the greatest part of of road trip is not arriving at your destination. It's the wild stuff that happens along the way." Emma Chase

Enjoy the Journey!

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