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This truck was stuck across the highway. We went around it through...

On the Alaska Highway somewhere between Watson Lake and Whitehorse

The Yukon River near Whitehorse

Into Whitehorse

The world's most tolerant Walmart with the world's most "interesting" RVs

The Greywolf parked in the Whitehorse Walmart

4-29-17 Watson Lake, YT to Whitehorse, YT

Broke camp in 29 degree temperatures but it is clear and looking like a sunny day. Spence and I are getting good at getting on the road. We were rolling by 7AM (21783 miles).

There is little traffic on the Alaska highway, there is also little gas. Saw many gas stations closed for various reasons. There were no places to get gas between Watson Lake and Teslin, they are 161 miles apart. If you are traveling the Alaska HWY, always get gas when you can.

Just outside of Watson Lake near the Laird River, there was a truck stuck across the road, I though it was a roadblock at first. Looks like the driver had dropped the rear wheels of the trailer into a ditch while trying to turn from a parking lot onto the highway. This rig was pretty stuck. Fortunately, we were able to go around the truck through a parking lot. I would hate to see the bill for extracting this rig out of the ditch.

After this excitement, it was smooth sailing on good roads into Whitehorse. We arrived at noon (22057 miles) which was pretty early, but we wanted to have the “Whitehorse Walmart experience”. This place needs to be seen to be believed. The lot was already pretty full and the season hasn’t even started yet.

Went to lunch at Boston Pizza and watched Stanley Cup hockey on the big screen with Canadian parsons providing color commentary near our table. The Canadians are into hockey.

Back at Walmart, Spence settled in for reading and a possible nap while I went to the nearby Starbucks. Taking some time off to relax is probably a good idea before the last two days.

We traveled 274 miles in 5 hours. Averaged 55mph.

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