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We shared a really nice day today. Several things which happened today made the day just fine.

First, we picked up good friends, Mike & Marian, and drove to Diaz Diner for a great breakfast. I had my usual “huevos rancheros” which remains my favorite breakfast. That meal consists of two eggs fried to order and covered with a delicious, spicy salsa, hash brown potatoes, refried beans, and two piping hot, freshly made, flour tortillas.

We know that any time spent in the company of Mike & Marian is special indeed and we enjoyed the constant conversation, with a few laughs.

Back at the RV, I performed the final chores, making ready to leave tomorrow morning, and then went indoors to check messages and email. I discovered that I had not yet signed up for a family reunion I have known about for more than a year. I was supposed to send a check with a registration form, due on May 1st.

Let’s see, May first is…. Yikes! That is Monday.

I wrote an email telling the person in charge of registration that we were indeed going to be there and that I was writing a check and putting it in the mail today.

I completed the check, addressed the envelope, and discovered that we had no stamps. No problem I thought, I’ll just drive to the Post Office, purchase a stamp, and mail the check.

I drove off to the post office where I followed another car into the parking lot. The young lady in that car parked first but I was closer to the door and she followed me into the building.

I was aware that this lady was behind me so I held the door for her and she thanked me with a smile, as she asked if our car gets pretty good mileage. I explained that it does indeed get better than 40 mpg. It was then that I looked up and discovered that the post office was closed. I must have had a dumb look on my face because the young lady, seeing where I was looking, explained that the post office closes at noon on Saturdays.

I just shook my head because I didn’t even realize until that moment that today was Saturday.

She asked, “Do you need a stamp?” I replied “Yes” and she said that she had stamps in her car and would be happy to give me one of them.

I followed her out to her car as I looked in my wallet, prepared to give her a dollar. I discovered nothing but a $20 bill and explained my situation.

The lady replied that the important thing is that we all help one another and she didn’t want anything for the stamp.

I thanked her several times and she asked if I was a veteran. When I replied in the affirmative she said “I thought so, you have that military bearing” and then she thanked me for my service.

The whole thing, which could have been one of those “Grrrr Days” turned out to be a really nice day, just because people acted nicely to one another. Isn’t it a shame that people don’t act that way all the time.

Life is Good!

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