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the streets of Dijon

Owl's trail stop #1-

Fresh produce at the open air market- Owl trail #5

Notre Dame

the cat and the owl on top of #10

Owl #10 on our walking tour

The streets on Dijon

We began the day by heading out of the hotel to go to Starbucks for our caffeine fix. The streets were beautiful and uncrowded in the morning sunshine . We enjoyed our beverages and then strolled to the Tourist Information Office and acquired local maps. Deciding to take the walk through town, called the Owl Walk, we headed off to Darcy Jardin ( garden) to find the first stop on the list. The small garden was lovely and had a small fountain and beautiful flowers. We then began to follow the owl symbols which are inlaid into the walkway and designate the direction to the next stop.Highlights along the way included the Porte Guillaume ( Owl #1) , which appeared to be a mini Arc de Triomphe, the Covered Market ( Owl #5), which had beautiful, fresh produce, meats and cheeses, and Maison Milliere ( Owl # 10) , a house built in 1488 which has kept it's medieval architecture including a cat and owl on the roof top. We then stopped for lunch nearby at a lovely cafe, which served generous portions of steak, lettuce and quiche. After lunch we followed the Zola Loop which added 5 more stops to our walk. We then returned to Chapeau Rouge to rest a bit and have refreshments before heading out to dinner at Marco Polo. With all of us ordering salads and eating lighter, we then headed back to the hotel to turn in. A lovely end to a fun day. CC

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