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Tom next to a quirky building

Notre Dame de Chartres

Stained glass windows depicting the lineage of christ (right), birth of christ...

Gothic style ceiling

Canal through town

Church of Saint Pierre & the flying buttresses

Cathedral at night

Tom ond Whitney by canal

Today we spent the day in Chartres; wandering rambling narrow medieval streets with names reflective of their function in the Middle Age, like Milk street, Cheese street, Fish street, even Frog Street (really an entire street for frog sellers???) The Cathedral is beautiful, filled with mostly original twelfth century stained glass windows, featuring a lovely cobalt blue unique to here called Chartres blue. The windows tell stories from the bible, designed for a mostly illiterate people. Of course, they must have had REALLY good eyesight to be able to see all of those tiny details up there... We are staying in an old monastery, built around the year 900, so that helps us to get into the mood of things. It is charming, although the breakfast was a rather boring buffet, so we plan to search for better fare tomorrow. You know, we are now typical French food snobs; "you dare to call this a croissant????"


It was a dark day for me. I opened my umbrella to shield myself from a passing shower only to discover that one of the pieces on the mechanism is broken. It will likely suffice for this trip, but I am suspect of the overall quality of the item. The cathedral was pretty.


Today's weather has reminded me of home, constantly changing my mind on which coat (or maybe all of them at once) to wear. We braved the laundromat today, yay for clean clothes!!! The cathedral is very pretty, lots of tour groups and children on field trips. It is a small town with tons of little quirky details in the architecture. It was nice to have a relaxing day after the last few bustling days. I even took a nap!


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