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Cypress trees

Courtyard with reflecting pool

Granada from Alhambra notice wall in upper right

Wall in center back is the aqueduct bring water to Alhambra

Ruins in foreground from Napoleon's Army

Garden scene

More gardens

Gardens and palace

Ruins of Palace destroyed by Napoleon's Army in 1811

We arrived in Malaga early in the morning after two nights and a day at sea. Janet and I love being at sea as much as touring these great sites. We boarded a bus at 8:00am for the tow hour ride to Granada, site of the palace complex, Alhambra. The site, dating back to 900 A.D., was built and occupied by the Moors until 1492 when Ferdinand and Isabella drove them out.The Moors being from the desert valued water and diverted part of a river for miles to bring water to the palace complex. Many of the rooms feature pools or running water. The courtyard with the fountain in the middle has 241 columns around it. The digits in the number total seven which is the numbers of levels in heaven. The courtyard also has four channels leading water from the fountain to edge and out of the courtyard signifying the four cardinal points of the compass.Much of the complex was destroyed by Napoleon when his army left in 1811.

One of the pictures shows much of the town of Granada in the valley below the palace and another shows a group of Cypress trees. Notice the similarity of the shape of the trees and the towers of the Sagrada Famililia. Not an accident!

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