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Today was a relocation day. We travelled from Valencia to Granada. Not a bad day to travel, it was raining off and on and therefore the weather presented no problem for us. We made on stop in a small village to see the inside of a private cave house. These are very interesting. They are dug into a hillside and a facade is added to the front making it look like any other house. They are quite numerous in this part of the country.

Granada was the last stronghold of the Moors, ended by Ferdinand and. Isabella in 1492. One side of Granada is surrounded by the Sierra Neveda, the famous ski area of Spain. Skiing can occur here into April. Today's population is about 350,000. This includes Spanish gypsies who came here from Punjab India, coming through Egypt ( hence there name gypsy) with Alexander the Great, through N. Africa and then Spain. In all of Spain there are about 2 million gypsies. During Franco's time they were given some medical care but were mostly discriminated against. After Franco they were required to register as Spaniards and then have all the rights and privileges, but they also have to pay taxes, school is required but now they are treated equally.

Located in Granada is a statue of Queen Isabella with a box and Christopher Columbus kneeling before her. Legend has it that the box contained Isabella's jewelry which she sold to finance Columbus' voyage. Others say that the box contained the tax money paid by the Moors who wanted to stay in Spain after the take over by Isabella and Ferdinand. Of course many wanted to stay, their families had lived here and farmed for 800 years.

Because Columbus was out to prove the world was round he had a very difficult time recruiting sailors because most everyone at the time believed the world was flat and no one wanted to fall off the edge. So it was arranged that prisoners would be the drew on the ships. Another interesting piece of information was that the first person to actually see land as the 3 ships crossed the ocean was Rodrigo Trier.

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