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Leaving our 4 flights of stairs behind in Paris

Versailles golden gate

The Golay's do the Versailles gardens in a golf cart!

Hall of very expensive French mirrors, psh on Italian made mirrors!

Tom and Whitney in the Gallery of Battles

Tom and his chariot le golf

Barbara in her future retirement cottage

Oh my...

Versaille from the garden

We left Paris today and took the train to Versailles; where we wandered among the rooms of the fabulous and clearly egocentric Louis XIV. Every room included some glorifying portrait or reference to his wonderfulness. Perhaps not surprisingly, most of the statues and room furnishings are reproductions, as most of this splendor was destroyed during the Revolution. Sometimes it seems that the more things change, the more they remain the same. It was a blustery, showery day, but we persevered again, even challenging ourselves with an intrepid electric golf cart as we bravely experienced the gardens and the Hamlet of Marie Antoinette. This appears to be an early version of Disneyland; pastoral cottages and artful streams, perfumed and bathed sheep; even the requisite charming family of geese and goslings on the pond.

Then we headed to Chartres with the rental car (which I will leave to our jocular raconteur Thomas to describe). Chartres is a lovely medieval town with an amazing Cathedral; we will check it out tomorrow. However, on our way home from a wonderful country dinner of various crepes (and wine...)we stopped at the Cathedral; they have a marvelous laser light show on one of the walls; showing colors and several cool light effects. It was amazing and mesmerizing.


I rented a car. Driving it has been awful. It stressed me out so badly, I spilled my wine at dinner. Then the waiter was so angry, he threw the receipt at me. It has been a long day. Also I was at Versailles today.


We are getting pretty good at this Metro thing with our suitcases I must say. It was a quick 35 minutes to Versailles today but it took about an hour to find somewhere to store our bags... highway robbery at its finest at a nearby hotel. Having been to Vaux-le-Vicomte recently it was interesting to compare the grandeur created by the same gardener and many art types. Versailles had a lot more Kings who left their mark, adding various buildings, etc. Louis XIV was very full of himself, as Barbara explained. The golf cart experience was hilarious. It covered us from the rain rather well and I loved Marie Antoinette's little peasant village and the sheep. We did not have time for the stables, maybe next time. The rental car experience was a bit...overwhelming. The second we got on the freeway, in our manual car that Tom (or anyone) hasn't driven since high school, it started hailing... BUT we made it! And then promptly got lost in Chartres trying to find the hotel, an old converted monastery tucked away in a pedestrian only area. The town is very quaint. I can't wait to explore it tomorrow. Oh, we had savory crepes for dinner. They were lovely.


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