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Wednesday 26th April 2017, Malaga

FInd the fort, can't miss it..... we didn't, but took an awful long time on the road really less traveled to get there. Saw some police on horse back, boy were we in the sticks! Helpful local comforted us when we had the map out and said it is only 30 minutes on. Must have a very slow watch. Great view when we got there and the remains showed a huge castle at some stage. Found the easy and quick way down so shouted ourselves coffee and carbon monoxide. The cafe was at a round about and if the cars weren't bad enough the bloke next to us lit up. Always if you are on the foot path. Next, why a Russian Museum??? Anyway we caught the bus - right one! And as we are counting off the stops a bloke kindly tells us when to get off and where to go. Went by millions of apartments (maybe I exaggerate) with the wiring on the outside of the buildings. Seems strange but easy to get to. The museum had too much history, but all so interesting and well presented. Not sure why we wanted to know about Russia when we are in Spain..... Kandinsky was on show too. Can't imagine his nightmares - weird art. Now we are locals got the right bus back and even got off at the right place which is becoming less of an accomplishment as we season as travelers. Mustn't get too confident though. Off to the Alcazabar which is a must see. Hmmm the view we had of a choir concert made it an interesting visit. Then to dinner and white bait in vinegar(again) at our new best favorite restaurant. Unfortunately they were cutting tiles next to us (at 7:30 pm) so we had dust too. It stopped and the waiters cleaned up. Fried egg plant and then shrimp cakes. Washed down with sangria as we weren't too far from our hotel. I left Chris in the foyer while I went to our room..... Key didn't work and there was a TV on. You guessed it, no matter how many times you try the 703 room key in 603 it will not work! Fortunately they were none the wiser. We left the car in the car park as this place has disastrous traffic and will pick it up tomorrow. Into the yago/karma position to cope as we leave for Sevilla tomorrow.

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