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Four eager chefs!

Isabel demonstrating plating potatoes

Chicken in Cream

Dessert Moelleux

Finished & ready to Eat!

Four Happy Chefs!

Musee des Tissus

With a 100% prediction of rain for today we preplanned to be inside free of raindrops! Yesterday when visiting the TI (tourist information) we had inquired about a cooking class. We immediately checked one out which is close to the apartment and each paid our 70 euro for the privilege of cooking with a local chef and lunch with wine!

After our leisurely late breakfast of cheese omelette, chocolate croissant, cappuccinos, and tea we headed to 'In Cuisine' for our 11 am cooking class! Our chef, Isabel, immediately introduced herself telling us she speaks French and Spanish (her mother is French and her father Colombian); she also speaks excellent English! Isabel cooks the way we like to cook, improvise as you go! She would ask us what spice or herb we might like to add and then put either a couple of pinches or tablespoons in the dish! Our menu for the day is: Roule de Saumon a la cervelle de Canut; Poulet a la creme; and Moelleux. We started by putting the chicken (Poulet) covered in cream in the oven to bake - we chose to add bay leaves, pepper, some salt and tarragon to the dish! Next we started on the mashed potatoes - peeling,cutting adding nutmeg to the boiling potatoes - always start with cold water! Then it was on to the dessert (Moelleux) and finally the salmon salad (Roule de Saumon)! We started prep at 11:50 and were sitting down to eat at 1:00! The final lunch with added carrots cooked in water, sugar, cumin was tres magnifique!! Isabel introduced us to some new techniques of cooking and new tools! - ricing the potatoes, using a pastry bag to plate the potatoes, and herb scissors to chop the herbs! She provided us with recipes for the chicken, the salmon and the dessert - the potatoes, carrots and lettuce salad were her personal preferences of ingredients with input from the four of us! On our way back to the apartment, Kay and Judi Bailey detoured to find Kay an umbrella as Cindy and Judi Clark stopped at the wine shop to stock up on wine to have with dinner ( our left over chicken, potatoes, carrots and chocolate muffins). It was a strenuous morning of cooking and eating so a nap/ rest seemed in order!

Lyon is famous for food and also silk production. There a number of shops selling silk scarves, embroidered fabrics, luscious looking linens all local to the area. We decided to explore the Musee des Tissus et des Artes Decoratifs - a museum of 2000 years of priceless fabrics from around the world and furniture including a five octave harpsichord and several clocks that actually were keeping time! Our only regret is that we do not read nor speak French and all of the explanations were in French. On our rainy walk back to the apartment we shopped at the bakery and a couple of 'grocery' stores for breakfast items and potato chips!

Another evening of wine and cheese and potato chips before another game of '65' and planning tomorrow's adventures! JC

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