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I awoke early this morning and went to the living room so as not to disturb the sleeping beauty beside me. This means that I was sitting with my computer at 4:30 in the morning.

I decided to work on my latest book. I picked up where I had left off and now have four chapters written but none have been through the editing process.

A glance at the clock on the wall showed that it was nearly 7:00 so I started the coffee and, just as planned, Marilyn soon said “I smell coffee”. Sure enough, she joined me and we shared that pot of freshly brewed java.

Later in the morning, I lubed the slide mechanism, the leveling jacks and the landing gear, and then shifted my focus to the controller for the irrigation system. I programmed it to operate four days each week for 50 minutes each day. Our friend, Bonnie, has promised to check on it for us after we leave.

Marilyn & I hope to share some time with our friends, Jim & Linda, before we leave on Sunday. These friends will probably spend their future winters in Florida so we may not see them again. In this RV life, you never know for sure though.

It has to be time to head north again because it was really hot today. The A/C ran all day and we finally turned on the second unit which cools the bedroom. That makes the living room A/C work a little easier.

I checked the weather up in Kerrville and it is much cooler up there in the hill country. No worry, we’ll be up there on Sunday. One of my friends from High School days has written about maybe getting up there to see us next week. We hope she is able to do that. It’s always good to visit with Sherry.

Life is Good!

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