This is how we roll these days

Nice pair of wheels, introducing Dudley and Nell ! !

Parked at Nellis AFB FAMCAMP

Us with Jordan and Julia

Parked at the VanEmmerik RV Ranch and Spa

Yup, Lots of snow

Whew, sure glad all this snow is in the mountains...

I know of no other rail museum that equals this one, simply...


the V&TRR

a huge million pounds of American Steel, whoa ! it's big...

here are the stats for the big engine...

Driving the last spike to complete the Pacific Railroad

News about the completion of the railroad..

The second last spike, with a different date engraved on it, two...

beautiful restoration work of all these trains...

The story of what happened to the Chinese laborers who helped build...

Another restored train engine

Gary and Kathy on the train loading platform

Now there's THE GRAMPAPPIE snow thrower of all

And that's the end of the trains !

We went to the River Cats Baseball game

before the crowds, it's a nice stadium

the mascot "Dinger"

Dave got Dinger to give Rebecca a hug !

Goodbye to Dinger and the baseball game, Rivercats lost to SLC Bee's...

Dave hooks up with a beastly Cut-throat trout..

He fights the steely eyed monster with guts and glory

Dave hauls it in and shows off the average size cut-throat trout

Friend John Van E fishes and wishes for a large one today

He lands one and shows it off...

While pre-packing to leave, Dave finds a dead 1.75 inch long scorpion

YIKES, sure glad he was dead when we found him.

The following article was written 24 April, it's been a very busy time the past several weeks.

Well, it's April 13th, the day has arrived, when we roll on down the road in our new, to us, motorhome and continue our travels. And so, with the Honda hooked up to the fanny of the motorhome we headed for Las Vegas. At this point, it would be good to tell our readers that we've "discovered the names" for our new vehicles, the Tiffin is Dudley, the Honda is Nell. Yes, we name things and even give them personalities. So Dudley "Do-right" and Nell are still together after all these years. Yes, we're the type of people who name their inanimate objects and even assign personalities to them! Our last units, the truck was Jack and the trailer was Jill. You know like "Jack and Jill, go over the hill." The boat was "Pearl", much smaller relative to "Black Pearl" of Pirates fame. So, those who read this and less than 60 year of age may have to "Google" Dudley Do Right of cartoon fame...

We traveled up US Hwy 95 to Las Vegas and Nellis AFB for a night. We visited with our grandson Jordan and his new fiancee' Julia. They'll be getting married next August. For our long time readers, they'll remember Jordan traveled with us 9 years ago for about 7 weeks. Can't believe he's old enough to be getting married.

The next morning, we continued our trek heading north, stopping at Hawthorne, NV. We spent the night boondocking in the truckers parking lot behind the El Capitan Casino Hotel. In the morning, Dave discovered the car battery was dead and didn't know why. He found the couple parked next to us were members of Escapees RV Club, members are known as SKP's. He knocked on the their door, introduced himself and asked for help. Inside of ten minutes we had the car started, got to know the couple (Terry and Mary) and found that they were at the Escapade in Tucson, as we were. Rebecca chose to drive the car following Dave and charge up the battery. The rest of the drive to Mound House and our friends John and MJ's place was only about 2 hours.

The next day, we left our coach, Dudley, parked in the comfort of our friends and headed toward Elk Grove, California. Dave's brothers family lives there and we're going to visit with them for a few days. We were treated to several days of frivolity. Gary and Kathy trea us like royalty, Easter Sunday with their family, taking us out to meals, the State Railrod Museum, River Cats baseball game, and more.

The snow levels in the Sierra Nevada mountains are very high, a recent official reading puts the snow pack at 54 FEET. When we drove over Donner Summit, 7400 foot elevation, we saw lots and lots of snow. And so, upon our return to Mound House it was pack up and move to our week out at Pyramid Lake, north of Reno for fishing. Dave and John fish and fish sometimes catching several of the wiley Lahontan cut-throat trout. But don't fret, we catch and safely release all fish to live another day.

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