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Patton river crossing plaque

Tom being repressed for a photo

Scottish Highland Cattle

House in Seine Port


We have been having wonderful meals, thanks to my Aunt's superb cooking, but last night's dinner was a bit hazy after sampling two whites, two reds and a 30 year old eau de vie from Jean Pierre... I am really going to miss this as we head out on our own tomorrow and have to pick out our own meals and wines.

Today we went for a wander in a local area where there are Scottish Highland cattle (and the ubiquitous Canada goose, both of which seemed out of place). The cattle were charming and the walk was lovely, through the fields and bordering the Seine. Afterwards, Whitney and Thomas and I wandered through the village of Seine-Port. We of course promptly got lost and stumbled upon a plaque showing where General Patton crossed the Seine during WWII en route to Germany.

Later we drove through the countryside over to Fontainebleau, where we had a short wander about the outside of the chateau, looking at the different building styles and various Francois' and Henri's who added on to the place. Napoleon spent quite a bit of time here as well.

My Precious pedometer got a good workout, and now we are relaxing before dinner... it is quite the difficult life here.


I quite enjoyed seeing all of the French things, and also the Scottish Highland Cows. Paule made a fantastic chocolate mousse that was very tasty.


The day has been summarized pretty good already, the town of Seine Port is very quiet and much more country than I was expecting. The walk this morning was lovely with the added treat of the cows! I will miss the peacefulness as we head on to Paris tomorrow. I have a feeling the menu's will be overwhelming... Paule comes up with her own menu and each meal is a surprise. Tonight's dinner was foit gras to start with, cordon bleu style chicken with Gruyere instead of Swiss cheese. Jean Pierre also opened a bottle of aged white wine that was made aged in oak barrels for 6 years and sitting bottled for 30 years in his cave. We also tried a white wine from the same grape, and tasted 2 different liquors. Each day ends with a VERY full belly.


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