Missoula, MT to Baja MX and Back travel blog

Part of old mine facility, now a motel where we stayed

Our first view of 'The Gulf' from T.S.

Some of the mining museum in Snta Rosalia

Some of the humungus rocks near Catavinia...work of the 'giants'

Passing our Catavinia O.N. spot coming down

Just outside Catavinia...the cave of pictographs (just to right of palm...in the...

Pictograph info center 'hut'


Got a LATE start...noon ... but Bon is a determined driver and we made it to this fine town. The last time we stayed overnight here was in '77 on our bike trip down the coast and Baja. This time much has changed! The old mine is a museum and we stayed in a motel which once had been the storage buildings for the mine equipment, etc. See photo.


After a huge day of driving Bon got us as far as Encinata and our last O.N. in MX. On the way into town just before the last Military Inspection stop, we were passed by no less than 17! police cars heading south...an accident? a drug incident? Never found out. They were all flashing lights and sirens blaring...hmmm!>

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