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Red Bay, AL - Custom Paint and Auto Body - site 2

Red Bay, AL - Custom Paint and Auto Body - site 2,...

Tuscaloosa to Red Bay, AL - our route - 126 miles

Tuscaloosa to Red Bay, AL 1 - not much to take pictures...

After first day of prep

After second day of prep 1

After second day of prep 2

New paint and waiting to install Diamond Shield in a few days

Here she is with new paint, logo and Diamond Shield - definitely...

And after a good wash and wax

the whole coach looks spiffy after a bath....until the next five miles...

Our trip to Red Bay from Tuscaloosa was an easy 125 miles up US 43/13 and then across I-22 to MS 23 and then coming back into AL at Red Bay. This was a different route than we have taken in the past and was a little farther but avoided the many twists and turns going up AL 19 and also was just a minute or two faster.

We arrived a little before noon and had no problem getting an RV site at the small RV park Bruce keeps for his customers. We have a 50 amp, full hookup back-in in a gravel lot holding four of these sites. Verizon is very strong and the satellite was an easy sighting. The main problem with these sites is the truck traffic running right beside the lot generating a very noisy stay.

Bright and early Monday morning they had us in a bay and started the prep work for painting the front-end of the Mothership. They are also taking care of a couple of other small "cosmetic" needs around the coach. It took them two days to get the Mothership ready for painting and we spent both Monday and Tuesday night in the bay. This required getting the tripod set up to reach the satellite since we were inside and no access from the roof dish. Oh, by the way, we found they are on an exaggerated Red Bay Time schedule. Most businesses here, including the Tiffin Service Center, work a 7:00-3:30 time schedule. Bruce's crew works a 5:00-2:00 schedule. We have been retired too long to remember a 0400 wake up call but have adjusted.....somewhat!! We go to bed about 9 p.m. so we can get our beauty sleep - Lord knows we need as much as we can get!

Wednesday, we moved into the paint booth and they started painting while we did some running around getting a few things we needed as well as a visit to the service center campground store to get some various repair parts we needed both now and as spares. We spent the night in the paint booth so they could finish it Thursday. We had to keep the slides in since they had put plastic all around the coach to stop over-spray. You forget how much a difference the slides make until you can't put them out. But we did survive!

Thursday afternoon, we were finally able to move back into our RV site in Bruce's small park with a sigh of relief and a BEAUTIFUL paint job! We still needed the Phaeton logo applied but it had to wait for the Diamond Shield installation which takes place next Tuesday. Bruce has a reputation as one of the best in the country and it is well deserved. He, of course, gets a lot of Tiffins to work on since he is in Red Bay, but many owners of other brands also seek him out for his fine work. He had an older 40' Monaco in one of the bays getting ready for a complete, full-body paint job while we were there.

While we were in the prep bay, Trevor Nichols had dropped by to look at our two front chairs to see what could be done about getting them recovered as they are really starting to show their years. They needed completely new covers and padding so we had him do that after we got out of the paint bay Friday and waiting to install the Diamond Shield.

Had some real hard thunderstorms come through Saturday afternoon which dumped a lot of water. So far the leak that Bruce's team repaired seems to be holding - fingers crossed that it continues!

Yesterday we got the Diamond Shield installed and new logo applied. Today we ran out to a place about 10 miles out of Red Bay and got her a wash and wax. That makes our stay at Red Bay complete. It's always fun and hectic to come here and we are always ready to leave. It's really nice to have someplace where you can get anything you want done on the coach but there is always scheduling and logistical problems not allowing you to get it done as fast as you might like.

Tomorrow we head for a small RV park about 10 miles south of Scottsboro, AL which will be our last two days in Central Time this year.

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