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13th century cathedral Santa Maria de Pi

Old Jewish Sector

Part of Roman temple inside bldg.

Barcelona Cathedral from narrow alley

Barcelona Cathedral back side Note trees growing on walls

Traditional Easter treat (symbolic of ressurection

Old Roman city gates

Sagrada Familia (right side)

Sagrada detail

Cousins Bob and Tom

Still no bags at the start of the day. I guess some are tired of seeing us in the same clothes for another day. We are off early in the day to meet our local guide hired by Bob. She takes us through the old city on a walking tour (9000+steps). We passed a Burger King, KFC and a Dunkin Coffee before coming to a cathedral built in the 13th century. Next we passed the site of a Jewish synagogue and community that existed before they were driven out in the 15th century. We passed by sections of the wall which surrounded a Roman city. These wall sections have been incorporated into the outer walls of buildings occupied today. Next stop was the Barcelona Cathedral built around the 14th century with a new facade added hundreds of years later. Our guide included much about the history of the people along with the history of the buildings,, including why many of the residents of this area, Catalonia, want to succeed from Spain.

A subway ride delivered us to the Sagrada Familia! This cathedral is still under construction, started in 1883, is expected to be completed in 2026. I am sorry the pictures don't do it justice. I did the best I could with my iPhone; the better camera is in the the lost luggage. In mid afternoon with very sore feet we hailed a cab, showed the driver a map and pointed to the location of the ship. Soon we are back on board and find our lost bags in our room. YEA!

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