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Cooking Grandmom Trotta's scrambled eggs outside this morning

On the plate

Traditional Easter dinner

We hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter with family and friends. We certainly miss being with family on these holidays. Even if we are on the road, we try to have what we consider traditional meals for our family. When I was a kid on Easter morning we used to go to my Grandmom Trotta’s house for breakfast. She always made a big breakfast of scrambled eggs, Italian sausage, and ricotta. She always made Easter bread rings with hard boiled eggs baked inside. We had the scrambled eggs this morning, but I didn’t make the Easter bread. For dinner we had ham, boiled potatoes, green beans, and coleslaw. Except for the coleslaw, this is a one pot meal and is relatively easy to get together on the road. I tired cooking it outside on the gas grill because it was a pretty nice day, but it was too windy so I moved the pot to the inside stove. Dinner was good and I ate too much and wound up taking a nap..

Today was a maintenance day. We did the laundry and pretty much sat around and relaxed. Both of us are either coming down with head colds or are are suffering from allergies. Looking at the Allergy Tracker on weather.com it appears that it might be a head cold because pollen counts are low even though this is historically a high pollen count season. We'll see how we feel tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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