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Tuscaloosa, AL - Sunset RV Park-East - site 61

Tuscaloosa, AL - Sunset RV Park-East - site 61, another view

Tuscaloosa, AL - Sunset RV Park-East - site 61, and another

Montgomery to Tuscaloosa, AL 1 - a good bit of the drive...

Montgomery to Tuscaloosa, AL 2 - both sides of the road were...

Montgomery to Tuscaloosa, AL 3 - with a few wildflowers on the...

Montgomery to Tuscaloosa, AL 4 - these were definitely two 'wide loads'!

AL Campus 1 - the College of Nursing as we entered the...

AL Campus 2 - There was heavy construction on the main road...

AL Campus 3 - the Pi Kappa Alpha house

AL Campus 4 - more of fraternity/sorority row

AL Campus 5 - the president's mansion

AL Campus 6 - Bryant Denny Stadium

AL Campus 7 - the marble logo on Bryant Denny Stadium

AL Campus 8 - just off campus on the "strip", one of...

The BAMA Theater downtown

The Jemison–Van de Graaff Mansion

The Tuscaloosa Amphitheater

The Tuscaloosa Courthouse

Tannehill Ironworks SP 1 - the foundry

Tannehill Ironworks SP 2 - one of the many fire pits

Tannehill Ironworks SP 3

Tannehill Ironworks SP 4 - the Hillmon Forge used before the large...

Tannehill Ironworks SP 5

Tannehill Ironworks SP 6 - the blower house that supplied air to...

Tannehill Ironworks SP 7

Tannehill Ironworks SP 8 - Roupes Creek which supplied water to the...

Tannehill Ironworks SP 9 - the country church at the end of...

Tannehill Ironworks SP 10 - the inside of the church

Tannehill Ironworks SP 11 - looks like the Easter Bunny came a...

Our trip from Montgomery to Tuscaloosa, AL was an easy 103 miles that took almost three hours that included giving the Mothership a drink just before we got to the RV Park. It was a pleasant drive on mostly two lane roads of US 82 that got increasingly hilly as we neared Tuscaloosa.

We are staying at the Sunset RV Park - East. Sunset has three parks: the one we are in; Sunset RV Park - West; and Sunset Park - Avalon. West is their main parks that is mostly occupied by permanents though there are three or four sites left (mostly in the shade) for transients. Avalon is an overflow park about a mile away that is mostly used during Crimson Tide home games for the many attendees of that celebration and is just a gravel parking lot with full hookups. Our park, East, is a little better than Avalon, a little worse than West. It has side-by-side hookups so that two units share the same pedestal and that also puts you so that your living side (passenger side) shares the same living space as the unit that pulls into the next pedestal opposite you. They are a little offset so it isn't as bad as it could be but still gives you no privacy if the park is full, which it wasn't during our stay. You are also a little closer than desired with the coach that is on your other side and share the same pedestal. We have a 50 amp, full hookup, pull-through with an easy shot to the satellites and good Verizon.

We spent Friday doing a little touring of Tuscaloosa, including some of the University of Alabama campus. Most of our time was spent going the 30 miles to Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park and touring it. They have done a good job restoring the area and the foundries that produced a good portion of the iron used during the civil war by the confederates. They also have a great museum containing many of the ironworks equipment but also many civil war artifacts and other machinery used during that time period. The foundry was pretty well destroyed by the Yankees near the end of the war and never started back up again.

Tomorrow, we head for Red Bay, AL, the birthplace of our coach, where we will spend almost two weeks getting a new paint job on the front and various other items taken care of.

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