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Miner Mike, he was very disappointed in our haul!

You can see the center of the field here, goes quite a...

Arkadelphia water tower, who knew there was such a place! And there's...

Sunset through the trees in front of the bus, it was a...

Doing two posts in one day because: we were too lazy to post last night and, we want the name Arkadelphia on the map, lol!

As we said, Friday we pulled into Crater of Diamonds State Park. Saturday morning we headed out to the crater (actually a big farm field type space!) to find our fortune. Turns out we are not diamond miners, but we found a lot of calcite whose crystals look like diamonds but are much softer. It looks so much easier on ‘Gold Rush’ on tv! We spent the morning scraping and digging dirt, and then at the wash table, trying to get the muck off the stones to see what we had. It was a very large field and we did a lot of people watching between the digging. Being a weekend there were lots of families; grandpa and grandma with her oxygen tank, parents and all the kids. They set up umbrellas and pop up shelters, grandmas watched babies and everyone was having a great time. You could listen to all the conversations, everyone was very friendly and we learned more US slang. We’ll be saying y’all and yonder for a long time. By noon, between the bending, the sun, the wet hands (and feet from the wind) and strong winds, we were done. Actually, this was a good thing, as the park did not have a spot for us for a second night. The great part is their check out time is 3pm, so we went back to the bus, had some lunch, packed and headed a little more than an hour down the still windy Arkansas back roads to Arkadelphia.

We got the very last spot at Arkadelphia RV Resort, crammed between the office and another trailer. But we had a spot and were happy to relax. It is a very small park, taken over a few years ago by a guy and his wife and we think they’re struggling to keep things going, repair/replace as needed and upgrade as they can afford it. The advertized cable doesn’t work, he says they brought him new boxes but most don’t work. Michelle was very disappointed the pool wasn’t open, but we had showers, cooked dinner and watched a few PVR’d shows (because we got no tv reception, too many hills!)

The great thing about the park is that it is right on the highway and we were up in good time, packed and on the road.

Sorry, now you have to read the next post to see where we headed to today!

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