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When talking about Netherlands, it’s a country of windmills, tulips, and canals, while being a progressive 21st-century nation. The capital Amsterdam is well known for waterways and its friendly atmosphere. The Hague is shelter to the queen and a hub for world diplomacy. And Delft and Haarlem are little with real cities.

Accommodation — one can get hostels accommodation between the ranges of 16-30 EUR for a night for a dorm room. The most patronized are between the ranges of 46 EUR which is rather too expensive. Private accommodation in hostels is around 65-85 EUR for a single night. It advisable to look for a room which budget hotel for around 55-60 EUR a night that gives a private bathroom and with unlimited Wi-Fi is expected to pay much higher in Amsterdam when it busy hour. Airbnb is also a good choice, with shared rooms amounting to around 17 EUR per night and entire homes.

Food — the Netherlands isn’t that popular for in term of food, but there’s still good food to be had. Make sure you visit poffertjes. Meals that are not expensive at eateries or area like Maoz or Walk to Wok cost around 15 EUR. Restaurant meals prices are around 16-25 EUR for a good dish with a drink. If you prepare your meals, expect to pay 45-58 EUR for a week for supermarkets that will combine pasta, vegetables, chicken, and other essential foods. Fast food like Febo, cheap Dutch food, is around 6-10 EUR.

Transportation — Inter-city train prices around Holland are not that high, and the prices are between 15-35 EUR, but for real short distances it will cost around 5 EUR. From Amsterdam to Rotterdam is 28 EUR and the journey will last for 45 minutes and from Amsterdam to The Hague is 8 EUR and takes 55 minutes. Since the country is so smooth, biking is the best option for transportation around cities. You can decide to hire some bikes which will cost around 15 EUR for a whole day. Intra-city trains, trams, and buses are around 5 EUR for a one-way trip. Taxis are too costly and should be withdrawn by all means.

Activities — for you to gain access to museums cost you 25 EUR while churches are opened for everybody to enter. Renting your boat for a canal trips is around 25 EUR. A harbor trip in Rotterdam costs 12 EUR.

Suggested daily budget – 50-80 EUR / $48-65 USD

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