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Sunset as seen from RoVer's Roost

Sat, 11 Mar: Back home again...

This morning we got Carpes ready for the road. We were parked in pretty close but folks kept leaving so we were pretty much all alone and had no problem hooking up the car and driving straight out.

We got underway at 0915 and made our way south on Maricopa Hwy to Queen Creek Rd. We planned to turn left, head east to I 10, and return home via that route. But, it turns out that one cannot turn left on Queen Creek so we continued on Maricopa, thru the town of Maricopa, to Casa Grande Hwy and the back way to the park. It was four miles shorter and the time was roughly the same. Enjoyable and Bob even got to see a train!

Today's total mileage was 38 miles with an overall fuel economy of 7⅛ mpg. More important, our first "outing" of the year demonstrated that all systems are working OK, with the exception of the dash A/C which seems a tad anemic.

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