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Lammie and Jess


Mooo!!! One of many sculptures at the Docklands

The quay at night




Us with Jess & Jim

Jess and Jim's place is very cozy. Yesterday, we took it upon ourselves to sleep in Lammie and Niiigel style again. Yep, crack of noon....

Today, we went into town by train and shopped for a bit. We took the tram around the core and went down to the Docklands, where Jess and Jim used to live. It looks a bit like Concord Place in Vancouver being pretty much right on the water, and a place that was reclaimed after years of being a idle industrial land. It was quite a nice place with new apartments and a nice big park.

We met up with Jim later in the afternoon and had dinner near Chinatown. As we were leaving, a girl walked in with a bubble tea. BUBBLE TEA!!!! Reminicing about bubble tea back home, we scoured the area for a bubble tea place. There was one that looked alright, but everything was syrup. No fresh fruit, no powder. Argh.

Unsuccessful, we decided to head towards some of Melbourne's other sights. We wandered down to the Arts Centre and ultimately to the casino. Just outside the casino, as a bit of an attraction, they shot flames out of the tops of stone pillars on the hour, every hour. It was quite impressive. The spectacle went on for quite some time, with the flames shooting out higher each time. You could really feel the heat!!!

None of us won our millions at the casino, so we headed home for ice cream and tim-tams.

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