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Sunrise at The Martyrs

Taking in the view at breakfast

The Grotto

London Bridge

Definately not a sailor's delight

Loch Ard

Loch Ard 2

Loch Ard 3

The Twelve Apostles

L&E at the Twelve Apostles

We woke up early and drove along the Great Ocean Road to a lookout for The Martyrs. We had breakfast and watched the sunrise. It was a stunning location, with huge waves washing over the large rocks (the martyrs) that towered out of the surf.

Shortly after breakfast, the weather got ugly. The wind got even stronger and it started to rain. Argh. Determined not to let it put a damper on our trip down this coastline, we continued down the Great Ocean Road, stopping to see The Bay of Islands, London Bridge, Loch Ard Gorge, The Grotto, and of course, The Twelve Apostles. Though we had to fight our way down each path, head down and into the wind and rain, the views were incredible. It was here at one of these lookouts, that Lammie's umbrella gave up the ghost after flipping inside out twice. It had lasted 3 months and had made it all the way from Darjeeling.

Our camper was tossed around in the wind, so coupled with having to get to Melbourne by 3:30pm, (else we'd have to pay a hefty penalty) we cut our trip short and turned inland to meet up with the motorway. We pushed our camper to the limit. Who said this thing couldn't get up past 100 kmph?? With the diesel engine, we had enough torque to blow past cars while going uphill!!!

At 3pm, it became apparent that we wouldn't make our 3:30pm drop-off time as the highway served as the main road through the city of Geelong. By the time we got onto the motorway again, it was 4pm. YIKES!!! Now it became a challenge to get to Apollo's office before it closed!! We hadn't packed yet, and there was one dish that still needed to be washed.

We pulled into the gas station nearest to the office at 4:30 (after missing the exit --bloody Aussie signage!). We rolled into the Apollo office at 4:45pm after going around in circles (bloody Aussie street signs --in this case, there weren't any street signs anywhere!!). The office closed at 5pm. Phew!!!

Jess and Jim were waiting for us in the office. The guy had told them that if we didn't arrive before he closed, we would have had to pay $1500 AUD. We assume this would be to cover the cost of the next rental for this camper (people who had booked it for the next day). YIKES!!! Technically, he could have charged us double the rack rental rate for each hour we were late --OUCH! This would have set us back a few hundred bucks!! Lucky for us, Jess and Jim were able to convince this guy that it wasn't like us to be THAT late and that something probably had gone wrong. Combined with our account of the high winds, traffic in Geelong, and the fact that we lost a half hour somewhere, the guy let us off the hook. In return, we left the camper VERY clean.

It was AWESOME to see Jess and Jim again!!! It was a long drive from Tullamarine to Frankston, which was great for gabbing!!!

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