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Green fields! Spring!


Wooded lane

Cherry blossoms


Double decker grape vines


We made our way down to Adelaide in grand style by taking a detour through wine country (Clare Valley and Barossa Valley).

The landscape was such a dramatic contrast to what we had been used to in the outback. There were rolling hills of green, and lots of tall, leafy trees. There were even cherry blossoms !! The road winding its way through the Clare Valley was quiet and beautiful. The buildings in this area were all victorian style, which gave you a sense of being 'in the old country'. The temperature was in the mid-teens and it really felt like Spring!!!!

We popped into a couple of wineries for tastings. The first one we stopped at was on the Reisling Trail --Taylor's. We tried the 2005 Reisling, which was quite appley. It was quite dry and not at all like the German Reislings. We then headed over to Kilakanoon, where we sampled a greater variety of their wines (whites: Riesling, Sauv-Blanc, Semillon; reds: Grenache, Cab-Sauv, Shiraz). From Kilakanoon, we bought the 2002 'Prodigal' Grenache, which was full bodied, smells like ripe currents and on the sweeter side (but not too sweet). It's very yummy with cheese and with kangaroo, but not so good with Indian curry!!!! HA HA HA HA!!!!

On our way to a happy afternoon (generous tasting portions), we headed to over to the next valley, Barossa, to try some of their wines. We pulled into Seppelt wineries and sampled a wide range of their wines (White: 2004 Drumborg Riesling; Reds: 2002 Sparkling Shiraz -VERY yummy, 2001 St Peter's Shiraz, 2003 Victorian Shiraz, 2003 Moyston Cab-Sauv Merlot, 1999 Dorien Cab-Sauv; Port: Para 123 Tawny (10yr), 1984 Para Liqueur 21yr Tawny; Muscat/Tokay: DP63 Rutherglen Grand Muscat -Long lingering raisin finish, DP38 Oloroso.

After much deliberating bewteen the Rutherglen Grand Muscat and the Oloroso, we bought the Rutherglen. Later on in the evening, it went down very well with caramel Tim-tams, cheese, and also with strawberries.

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