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Friday, March 24, 2017

Nelson, New Zealand (night 2)

TRAVEL QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Every man can transform the world from one of monotony and drabness to one of excitement and adventure.” - Irving Wallace

Wow, what a luxury….today slept until I woke up! That was about 8:30 so I had a good long sleep and am bright eyed and bushy tailed once more. It was a cloudy day but occasional peaks of sun and not too cool at all to start with. We took our time getting ready today and had crumpets for breakfast with our coffee/tea - delicious! It’s great to have power and be able to use the toaster again. We looked at maps, began planning the rest of our 3 days in this camper (boooo…..) and just generally had a lazy morning. It was nice not to have to hit the road by 10am.

Decided on a basic plan of seeing Nelson by walking around and getting laundry done and then maybe seeing a movie. So I sorted laundry and got that going about noon. Worked on updating the trip blog online with our free wifi here. Art began disassembling the bikes since it turned sunny and nice. Too bad to not be riding today but they are calling for rain the next 3 days and putting the bikes in the suitcases while they (and you) are wet isn’t any fun. So he worked on that as I did laundry and straightened up inside the van. It was good to take a deep breath today and get some chores done after almost 3 weeks. You can’t just sally forth and have fun EVERY day of vacation (though we valiantly try our darndest…(grinning broadly)! About 1:00 I walked about 5 minutes to the local fish and chips shop and picked up lunch. Very friendly couple there and it was good: got 2 pieces of blue cod that were cooked nicely although I prefer mine a little more brown and some really good chips - they won the local chip competition in 2011 and 2013. Also picked up a curry roll - think eggroll with samosa filling. It was okay. Total tab came to $20.50 and since I didn’t have but 20s, they let me slide on the 50 cents. Walked back and we ate in the camper with all the windows open because it has just become a party cloudy day and a slight breeze and maybe 74 degrees. Just delightful!

Art finished packing the bikes up and I folded the laundry and put it away and updated the journal website. It was then about 4 and we decided to drive into town and take a look at parking and also some shopping in the main central business district. We parked on Grove Street which was free parking and then walked into town. Businesses here in the downtown start closing up shop at 5 - seems way to early to my 24/7 American sensibilities. But we found a couple shops we wanted to browse in and I bought a small something for Paul and another souvenir too. We had decided to go see a movie tonight and walked by the downtown cinema in a cute art deco building to see where it was. Then we walked back to the camper and ate our supper: shared a ham and cheese sandwich and chips. Did a little internet work on our phones and then walked back to the theater at 7:45. Bought our tickets to see the movie “Bob the Street Cat”. It’s a heartwarming tale of a drug addict in London who gets a ginger cat named Bob and how they looked after each other and he got clean and was a success. Bob looked a lot like Goldie which is probably why we wanted to see the movie anyway! It was a good movie except for the parts shot at the cat’s perspective which looked more like Go-Pro and I couldn’t watch it without getting queasy. We also got a large popcorn and coke combo for $10NZ which is much more reasonable than the theaters at home; the tickets were $16NZ each which is about home prices.

Movie got out at 10:10 and we walked back to the van. Luckily the rain was staying away and we drove back to the camper park by 10:20 and were parked. Art went in to get a shower and I did some catching up in the van. Rain started showering just as he got back in about 11. We did some more reading and finally turned in about 11:45.

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