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Our car getting worked on. $9,000 work of damage.

Visited the lovely park in Fountain Hills where we went to visit...

In the musical play area at Fountain Hills waiting for the fountain...

Spent a few reflective moments with Abe Lincoln. He was in Fountain...

Ed getting ready to ride with the Sweet Peas biking group for...

Ed looks like a biker!

They ride 20 to 22 miles but always make a coffee and...

This was pickle ball fun day. Ed played on the red team.

Love the "pickle" ball paddle.

They added a few more pickle ball courts this year.

Had lots of good food at the Pickle Ball potluck.

Ed and great niece Charlotte taking a selfie.

Great nephew Dean wanted in on the selfie action too.

And Great nephew Grant justed wanted Ed's chili.

Ed volunteered at a Veterans help day. Quite a huge undertaking but...

He was a guide for his veteran through all the services available.

We took friends one afternoon to watch the skydiving at Eloy, AZ

Spectators are so close to the landing spot.

I never tire of seeing the skydivers land right in front of...

Hundreds drop from the sky every time we have been there.

We love going to CCV church while we are here.

The music is always loud but great.

One of the concerts we went to was an Eagles Tribute band....

We also went to an outdoor Bob Seger sound alike concert.

We were a long way from the stage but could hear the...

Attended a Chicago Cubs game against San Diego Padres.

Rollie Fingers was there signing autographs.

On one of the hottest days so far. Our seats were on...

This is where we watched from. The shaded bar! That's Cathy, Ed's...

Here's the gutsy quail that hopped into our car. He seemed quite...

We really have loved being here at Sunflower RV Park.

We have physically been up to the mountain tops and down in the deepest valley (Death Valley) in North American. We have also experienced life’s highs and lows, ups and downs during our stay here at Sunflower RV Resort in Surprise, Arizona. I know our highs are not as great as others and our lows are no where near as low as others. But nevertheless, we have experienced a few bumps in the road this winter.

Our car finally got fixed from our accident in August in Washington State. It took us long enough to get it fixed but we were satisfied with the job the collision shop did. Just before we got the car back, we received our annual insurance renewal notice and it went up $600! Granted we have our motor home on the same policy but we were a bit shocked and talked to our agent and was informed that it went up because we are high risk. HIGH RISK? Nothing has been our fault! So the agent sent us our claim history. Yikes. Between the hail damage to the roof of the motor home ($10,000 claim), new windshield on the RV because of a rock chip ($800), totaled the Saturn due to hail damage ($8,000), and the latest body damage to the Captiva ($9,000), and a few other mishaps, I guess we are high risk. And less than a week after we got the car back, the front windshield cracked all the way across and we had to replace the entire thing. We decided we would just pay the premium and keep our mouths shut. By the way, shortly after the windshield got fixed, we left the car door open for some reason and a quail climbed in and didn’t want to leave. I told Ed he better not make a mess in there as we didn’t dare make another claim! Life’s ups and downs.

Our weather out here has been a little cooler and wetter than normal. In fact, we had so much rain for a week or more that the washes and ditches around here, which are normally dry, were running with water and flooding in some areas. So I complained a little about the cooler temps and then guess what. A record setting heat wave set in for 10 days and the temps were in the high 90s. Not comfortable and we ran our air-conditioning non-stop. Can’t wait to get that electric bill. But the rain has caused the desert to produce beautiful blooms on the cactus and desert plants. Ups and downs again.

Then there is my eyes. I decided to have my cataracts removed out here as I figured with the older population where we are there would be places with lots of experience in cataract surgery. I think I picked a good place and was very impressed with their facility and organization and as suspected, there was always a lot of old people in their massive waiting room. The first eye was scheduled for February 22nd and all went well until I got home and the numbing wore off. Then I was in excruciating pain. Felt like there were razor blades in my eye sawing away. Went back the next day to find out this was not normal and I had a torn cornea. They thought it would heal on its own but they were wrong. Went back the next day and they placed a band-aid (contact lens) on it and told me to come back in a couple of days. It was getting better so the other eye was scheduled for surgery on March 8th. I was nervous, but decided to be a brave girl and what were the odds it would happen again? Pretty good as it turns out. Once the numbing went out, it felt just the same as the other eye. The razor blades were back. Went in the next day and sure enough another torn cornea. Another band-aid, another trip to the eye doctor, and about a week later it was better. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know why and their only explanation was I must have had dry eyes. Fifteen doctor visits later I think I am good. Can’t see up close any more without glasses, but my distance vision has gotten a lot better and everything is brighter. Ups and downs again.

Our time here is almost done and we will hit the road again. We have enjoyed this place once again. Lots of activities, get-togethers with old friends and new friends, concerts, family visits, laughter and tears. But we are missing our girls and I am missing my girlfriends back home. Ups and downs.

Hope your ups have been higher than your downs.

Till next time...........................................................................................

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