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Sal and Sue

Don, picking trash out of the water

Our campground from the lake

We actually got up at about our usual time for coffee. The first cup was in bed so I could hold the kitty, then the next 2 were on the beach. It was a beautiful morning, and promised to be hot and clear.

We got with our campground neighbors, Sal and Sue, around 10:30 for a boat ride. Tbey have a nice mid size pontoon boat. Since we had not been on the river before, tbey decided to go as far south as possible first. We went as far as the Bluewater Casino and Resort. It was fun to see it from the water. Sal told us a lot of the history of the area as we went.

We hadn't really noticed before, but the housing area across the river from us was laced with canals, kind of like Venice, Italy. We drove in to look around a bit, but could not go too far as their boat was kind of big for some of the narrow waterways. The homes were beautiful! Definitely not in our price range unless we win the lottery.

As we turned around to head up river, they suggested we stop for lunch at their favorite spot, the Pirates Den. It was a good bathroom stop as well as having excellent food. They had a Reuben, Don had a giant hamburger and I had a Cuban sandwich, which I finished as another meal the next day.

After lunch we drove up as far as possible until the current got too strong before heading back home. It was interesting to see that even in the sting current the water was clear as a bell. Sal said that the deepest it got was round 30 feet; it usually ran 5-15 feet deep.

After a brief rest at home it was time for happy hour (3 o'clock at the Tiki Bar) and since they were scheduled to leave the next day we decided to go. Sal bought drinks and chicken snacks and we sat and talked for a couple of hours before going back home to continue on the patio. That only lasted another hour or so (or I should say I only lasted) before we called it a night. It was not too late, but I crashed and had no idea when the old guy finally came to bed.

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