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Got up this morning early to have coffee with Jeanne and Mike before Jeanne went to work. Mike fixed sausage and scrambled eggs for us for breakfast. While she was gone I packed and reclaimed the bedroom so it would look presentable until she got the sheets done again.

We had a little time to spare when Jeanne got home so I went with her to order 52 pizzas for her school for lunch tomorrow. And then we were off; Mlike drove us to the airport in his truck.

It was hard to say goodbye.

Security proved to be a pain again, with more people in the TSA pre check line than any otber. My line was re-routed just before I was checked, which resulted in a longer wait again. Then the alarm went off when I went through the metal detector because I forgot to take off the watch that Jeanne had given me. So I had to go through the body scanner. Thankfully none of my carry ons were held this time!

The flight went well. Still long, but I was prepared with snacks and water this time. My only concern was if Don could find the airport and the correct terminal. And he did!

I was starving, so we stopped by the Railroad casino for a dinner buffet on the way home. We got in around 9:30 and I was met at the door by a very lonely kitty. She got just a cursory hug and pet before I crashed.

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