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Leaving on a Sunset cruise.

Sunset in Spain (hazy day)

Sunset from the condo

Paseo de Pergula

Another bloody Cathedral

Hard to believe this thing is doing a round the world trip

Save youself Kiosk.

Always a busy place when these come in.

Just love these sunsets

What I'm looking forward to at home.

Yes,we're down to the short strokes, two more sleeps, with the second probably not much of a sleep as we have to be in a taxi by 0430 heading for the airport!

We've done nothing of note since the last posting, no more tours, no more Churches, Cathedrals or Castles (thank God!) just our morning routine of coffee, people watch, long walk and find some place to have lunch.

So to replace all the wonderful places we've been to, I'm just going to present some observations of the last three months.

People: As I mentioned before seem to be paranoid about eye contact, they will look everywhere to avoid that. Not receptive to being approached until you have become a regular, ie: grocery store, coffee shop, restaurants usually are an exception, mainly because they're hoping to make some money off you.

The other side of the coin is appearance, they are very fashion conscious, both sexes and especially the teens. No baggy half down your ass pants, in fact skinny tight jeans are the norm, so tight you can easily read the denomination of the coins in their pocket! The result of this is very attractive scenery, especially the parts that do move.

Businesses There's a ton of them, especially small restaurants, there can be 6-7 just on one block, all with outside seating that all gets put away at night and all busy at meal times. All the servers have some English at least and some quite fluent so language has never been a problem.

Beaches Also lots of them, most clothing optional but the weathers been so cool up to now that that hasn't been a common sight. For the most part the sea is quite calm but there's been a few days which have been a surfers delight, large breaking waves started a fair ways out.

Transportation Is easy, there's a million taxi's and quite reasonable, lots of buses and the train systems are excellent. Lots of opportunity for self or guided tours

and again there's bargains to be had.

So this is our last posting from Spain, perhaps I'll find time to post something on the way home but for now.......Adios.

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