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We slept with the windows open last night. The weather continues to be wonderful, day after day, and the nights follow suit with temperatures just right for sleeping. The light breeze coming in the window makes the cover pulled up to the neck feel just perfect.

As usual we took our coffee outdoors this morning, and because Marilyn fixed a lite breakfast, we took that outdoors as well.

We basically had nothing on our agenda but I decided to get a haircut so I drove off to do that. When I returned to the RV, I walked across the street to wish our friends “safe travels” as they were leaving, heading back to Canada.

We notice every morning now, that people are leaving. We watch as the RV’s head out to the open road, many honking their air horns as they leave the resort.

The resort here is hosting a “Tail-light Party” on March 28th, as many folks will be gone by that time. Of course our Canadian friends are only permitted to stay out of their home country for six months in a year, so many of them have to leave before they really want to do that.

I am posting this journal entry earlier than normal today because we are joining three other couples for a five course Irish Dinner this evening. I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow.

We have the weekend free after that but do have plans for next week.

Tuesday in Progreso, Mexico, is a special day. They call it “Appreciation Day”, when they thank all of the tourists, especially the Winter Texans, for the business in Mexico. They block off the main street to all but pedestrian traffic, they have flatbed trucks with bands playing, lots of free food and drink. Much fun for all!

We remember last year when several carloads of us drove over to help in the celebration. Bob & Janet rode with us and a dance contest was won by Janet, Cathy, and Marilyn.

We’ll miss our friends, Bob & Janet, this year but we’ll do our best to carry on the tradition. LOL

One thing we can tell you for sure is that Life is Good!

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