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Mar 9, 2017 Sorry I have not written much, it is now the 15th and I am trying to catch up. My last seminar was today on exercises for the hips and knees. This was at 8:00 again so I leave the rig by 7:20 to get there on time. Lucked out and caught a tram right away. Mike is sitting at the rig waiting for installation on the Safety Steer and also for the Tiffin tech to come by.

After my seminar I attend a seminar on the Future of FMCA and then Mike and I meet up and go back to the vendors and then over to look at the new Tiffin’s. At 2 we are meeting at the Matthew’s for catch up. We have found the Hurst’s and they come over also.

We grab something light for dinner and head over for the entertainment, C/W singer. We meet the rest of the gang and all sit together. He was not very good so Mike and I sneak out.

Mar 10, 2017 We all meet at Cracker Barrel for breakfast and then it is back to the rig. We both go to a seminar in the afternoon on How to Choose a place to call home. Not what we expected ad sneak out.

We stay in tonight and get things ready to leave in the morning.

Mar 11, 2017 We are headed to Yuma and the Benson’s. Will stay here until Thursday. Temps are climbing into the 90’s and since the Benson’s have a 50 amp hookup we can run 1 AC. Floors are turned off and shades are down to keep it cool. In the late afternoon we head over to the swap meet/flea market.

Mar 12, 2017 First thing on the agenda is “wash clothes”. I put them in the washer and then we head over to another park for breakfast with a group of Benson’s friends. After breakfast we head over to the Pow Wow and watch the Grand Entry. All the Indians are in full dress from the oldest to the youngest then head to another flea market and have a late lunch of a huge hotdog with fried onions. Good. Clothes are done when we get home and into the dryer they go.

Mar 13, 2017 Monday Next group of clothes are in the wash and Sandy if off to work at the thrift store. At noon we head over to the first jam. They are all amateur musicians, though some played professionally in earlier times. The guys are good and we enjoy ourselves. I have a letter to mail so we head out to the Peanut Patch. I stock up on nuts and chocolate and we all have ice cream cones. There goes dinner.

Mar 14, 2017 Another jam at 12:30 today and then we stop for ice cream again. Now it is time for a tour. We go by the Camel farm and get a tour of the area. The Camel Farm is a wild animal farm, camels, zebra, goats, water buffalo, zebu, peacocks and other animals.

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